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Together we achieve more

In me you have a life coach who understands, who doesn't merely sit on a perch of academia and research, but who has run the gauntlet and has come back to say, "There is a way, and it is beautiful."
Life experience has equipped me with the passion and compassion for my calling as a life coach, and my education has given me the expertise and knowledge to apply that care skillfully to the circumstances of my clients' lives.
My undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications was obtained at Syracuse University. (Go Orange!) I received my Master's degree at Lehigh University where I focused on both school counseling and human services. I have also completed a year of doctoral studies at Liberty University in the area of marriage and family counseling.
My coaching approach utilizes components of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR, and Performance Psychology.
I focus on giving my clients the highest value for their time and financial investment and also provide a good deal of psycho-education. As such, I recommend that my clients always bring a notebook and be ready to work. There are issues, however, that take an organic process to reveal themselves. Those sensitive and vulnerable parts can take a while to open up to both of us. We will laugh, and we will cry. At times we will need to muck our way through the swampy messes together, but we are on mission to find the brighter shore. 
If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a session, please get in touch today.

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